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Shradhha Kapoor Beauty secrets And Makeup Tips

Shradhha Kapoor Beauty secrets And Makeup Tips

Shradhha Kapoor Beauty secrets
Shradhha Kapoor Beauty secrets

Shraddha Kapoor is not only loved for her acting but also for her flawless skin and lustrous hair. She believed in maintaining her hair and skin and follows a regular routine for the same. In today’s article, I’m sharing the beauty secrets of Shraddha Kapoor.

Physical Stats

NameShraddha Kapoor
Date Of Birth  3 March 1987
 Height     5 Feet 5 Inches  
Figure measurements34-25-34
Hair Color  Black
  Eye color    Hazel Brown

Shradhha Kapoor Beauty secrets And Makeup Tips.

Homemade packs for hairs

She uses homemade packs for her hair. She prefers packs with hibiscus and aloe vera. To make that the DIY in shraddha’s style you will need: hibiscus flower powder and some aloe vera. 

The fresh is always better but if you don’t have access to fresh aloe vera use store-bought which is free of colour and odor. Take about 3 to 4 spoons of hibiscus flat powder and fresh aloe vera and put them into a grinder to make a smooth and fine paste. Use this pack once a week on your clean scalp wait for about 30 minutes and then was don’t let the mask dry on your scalp completely. 

Eat healthy food

Eat more green vegetables try to have burnt fruit or they and gradually you will see a difference in your skin and hair. 

DIYs for healthy skin

Shraddha Kapoor uses homemade face crafts and masks for her skin. You can use this age-old ubtan to scrub your face and use it as a mask to make the mask and scrub. You will need whole wheat flour a pinch of turmeric and some rosewater. Now take about one tablespoon of whole wheat flour and the turmeric in a bowl. Add rose water to make a smooth paste, apply this on your face and neck.

Gently massage in circular motions wait for ten minutes and wash. Whole wheat flour has an Arbutin that was naturally derived from a substance found in a plant such as the Bearberries, cranberries blueberries, and pears. Its t acts by slowing the activity of tyrosinase,  the process that produces melanin when stimulated by UV lights. 


This proven melanin production from start preventing and minimizing pigmentation. so regular use of this DIY will not only give you instant results but also gradually will make your skin look tone and brighter.

Haircare tips

Shradhha Kapoor Beauty secrets
Shradhha Kapoor Beauty secrets

She oils her hair twice a week religiously. She relaxes her hair with a deep tissue head massage. Once while she likes to use fruit oils and she really prefers an oil that is nonsticky and should smell good.

Daily routine tips

she makes sure that she gives special attention to her skin on daily basis. Her secret to good skin is very simple:  Good face washes,  moisturizer, and drinking plenty of water. Also, eating right is one of the key factors that help young actresses maintain their fresh look. so that is it all about Shraddha Kapoor’s beauty secrets. 

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Makeup tips:

She is amongst those lucky ones who are blessed with naturally radiant and glowing skin. Shradhha admits that does not need to put lots of makeup to cover any blemishes, spots or early ageing of the skin.

She is a big fan of MAC and channel cosmetics. She uses shampoo and conditioners from the body shop. 

Daily beauty essentials of shraddha lots of water, kajal, face wash, moisturizer. In her handbag, she carries cell phones, wallets, lip balm,  hand sanitizer, facial, tissues. She likes to keep soft. She likes light and neutral color to experiment with. This all about Shraddha Kapoor makeup tips.

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