Deepika Padukone Beauty Tips And Diet Plan

Deepika Padukone Beauty Tips And Diet Plan

Deepika Padukone Beauty Tips And Diet Plan
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Nothing can be changed overnight but for a few people out there a lot plays an important role, one such Bollywood heartthrob who became a world-famous celebrity is none other than our southern Beauty, Deepika Padukone.

Deepika made her debut in films with Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om.  She received a Filmfare Award for Best Female debut as well. Thereafter, she never looked back and her every venture turned out to be a smashing success.

She is gorgeous, Stunning, hot, beautiful and list goes on!

Physical stats & More

  Deepika Padukone
Date Of Birth
 5 January 1986
5 Feet 8 Inches
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 Here we represents some Deepika Padukone Beauty Tips And Diet Plan

Deepika Padukone Beauty Tips

Deepika Padukone Beauty Tips And Diet Plan

 Drink enough water

Deepika strongly believes in keeping her skin hydrated by drinking lots of water which helps keep her skin clear.

 It helps flush out the toxins and keeps her skin and hair healthy. It’s very important to have a glass once every hour to stay hydrated.

 I check my phone and drink a glass of water. It’s very important to have a glass once every hour to stay hydrated.

Removes makeup before snoozing

Removes makeup before snoozing-Deepika Padukone Beauty Tips And Diet Plan

Deepika understands the importance of cleaning the face and removing makeup before going to bed. This is the one skincare ritual she never fails to follow because not doing so may lead to clogged pores, breakouts, and other skin problems.

She is most particular about removing all my makeup and keeping her skin clean before she go to bed. No matter how tired she is, she always makes it a point to remove it.

She told Vogue She believes less is more. When it comes to her makeup and especially your skincare routine, it’s essential that she don’t go overboard and experiment too much.

Find what works for you and keep it natural.

Uses face masks

Uses face masks– Deepika Padukone Beauty Tips And Diet Plan

Deepika also uses a lot of good face masks especially the peel-off mask because they can pamper your skin and keep it healthy and nourished. L’Oreal Paris pure clay mask works wonders and leaves my skin feeling fresh, healthy, and hydrated in just 10 minutes.

Apply sun creams

Apply sun creams-Deepika Padukone Beauty Tips And Diet Plan

She said apply sunscreen to harmful UV rays can take a toll on our skin and can cause a lot of irreversible damage that we only avoid. Deepika never leaves the house without applying sunscreen and eye cream.

Deepika doesn’t like to have too much makeup and also stays away from the foundation as much as possible. During an interruption with an entertainment portal, the actress said, I don’t like too much foundation I don’t like caking too much or layering too much.


 I like my freckles to show true or any discoloration that I have. Because when it is cakey I get very conscious about it and I just feel like I want to see my skin. She always carries a lip balm and sunscreen with her to protect her skin from the harshness of sun rays, dirt, and dust.

Haircare secret

When it comes to luscious tresses, she believes in oiling her hair regularly with coconut oil. This all helps our hair and scalp nourished.

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Deepika padukone on her beauty tips.

Deepika Padukone Beauty Tips And Diet Plan

Deepika Padukone Diet Plan

Leading  lady of bollywood deepika padukone always starts her day with a glass of lukewarm water.

She also adds honey and lemon to the water which helps to keep body toxin free.


Deepika prefers 2 eggs- whites, 2 almonds and a cup of low fat milk as her breakfast.

Sometimes she also takes 2 eggs whites with 2 Idlis or 2 pohas or with 2 plain dosas.

Deepika also prefers a bowl of quinoa for her breakfast.

Before lunch

She takes a bowl of freshly cut fruits as her pre-lunch snack to keep herself healthy.


This beautiful actress loves to eat homemade foods as her lunch.

Deepika prefers rotis, dal, sabzis, salad with dahi and raita.

Evening snack

She takes filtered coffee along with almonds or fruits as her evening snacks.


Deepika hates to have rice in her dinner menu.

She eats salad, rotis, and veggies for her dinner.

Sometimes she also takes porridge and homemade sabzi as her dinner.

Though the actress has a great metabolism, Deepika prefers 6 small meals throughout the day.

Deepika has always admitted that she is a foodie and love to have street foods but to maintain her sizzling figure she religiously follows a strict diet plan.

This actress is gifted with a very slim figure and she is working hard to maintain her figure.

Along with this diet plan, deepika follows a very strict gym routine too.

pic courtesy-Instagram @deepikapadukone

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