How To Apply Mascara Properly?|3 Easy Steps To Apply Mascara

How To Apply Mascara Properly?|3 Easy Steps To Apply Mascara

how to apply mascara properly?
How To Apply Mascara Properly?|3 Easy Steps To Apply Mascara

For many makeup and a ficionados, mascara  is to be a godsend. As there seems be an unwritten rule that  every beautiful women has to have thick lashes, mascara is an integral part of any make up kit, sometimes varying shades and types.Though a must in every women’s repertoire, mascara can ironically ruin any great makeup work when it gets wet.

However , waterproof mascaras have been gaining a bad reputation as being difficult to remove and and potentially harsher on the eyes. Because of this, it has not been encourage for daily use .In fact , a lot of women still  opt for regular mascara.

If you are expecting to be in a situation involving water, don’t worry. Learn How To Apply Mascara Properly and let go of any raccoon eye anxieties.

Add in some hairspray

How To Apply Mascara Properly?
Add in some hairspray- how to apply mascara properly?

If you think you are going to need waterproof mascara for  tomorrow’s waterworks , be it a sappy movie or a big event , one easy way to make your normal mascara waterproof is to add in some hairspray.

The components of hairspray do not dissolve in water; thus, it can help protect your mascara from leaking down your cheeks in raccoon fashion. If you aren’t sure about this step or don’t want to waterproof an entire tube, use an older mascara tube.

As for hairspray, any kind will do, but those in pump bottles seem to be much safer to use than aerosols. Now, remove the mascara wand, and direct the end of the hairspray into the tube.

This may be a bit tricky and messy, so try to place as much of the spray end as you can into the mascara tube. After a number of pumps, replace the mascara wand into the tube and twist around to mix.

Do not pump the wand in and out of the tube since this introduces more air inside, which isn’t good for the product. Finally, check the mascara’s consistency and use some on your lashes. Let dry first before testing with water.


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Add in some hairspray

how to apply mascara properly?
Add in some hairspray- how to apply mascara properly?

If you are expecting only mild waterworks, an alternative to adding hairspray directly onto the mascara tube is to finish up your mascara with a small spritz of hairspray. After applying your mascara and allowing it to dry, close your eyes and hold your hairspray bottle at least 6 inches away from your face.

Do not pace it too close to your eyes, as this may cause severe irritation if any of the product gets in your eyes.

Then, spray lightly, allowing the mist to descend lightly on your eyelashes. The hairspray settles above the mascara, forming a sort of barrier from any water or moisture. Let dry and enjoy your tear jerker event.

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Use a waterproof topcoat

how to apply mascara properly?
Use a waterproof topcoat – how to apply mascara properly?

If you don’t want to add hairspray onto your eye products, a recent invention may just be the solution. Waterproof topcoats for mascara are a brilliant addition to the world of makeup. Various brands carry it; you just have to choose which suits you and your budget.

To use these topcoats, simply apply your mascara the usual way. Let dry, then apply a finishing layer of any topcoat. Let dry, and it’s up to you if you want to add one more layer for maximum waterproofing.

Now that you know How To Apply Mascara Properly, you will surely enjoy beach parties and sappy movies more with the assurance that you won’t be liked to be a  raccoon once the event is over.

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