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How To Apply Liquid Foundation Beginners 2022? | Easy Steps To Follow

How To Apply Liquid Foundation Beginners 2021? | Easy Steps To Follow

Steps for How To Apply Liquid Foundation.

As with most makeup, liquid foundation is not a one-size-fits-all kind of product. But liquid base can work on all skin types you just have to devote a while and do some research to discover a color that best matches your skin tone and also an application method that is suitable for you.

It all begins with a flawless base. If you are anything like me when it comes to perfecting makeup, you probably spend hours in the effort of trying to achieve the ideal foundation. If the base isn’t ideal, the rest of your makeup endeavors would end up being for naught. So let us take a better look at just how to apply liquid foundation.


 Before it is possible to select a liquid foundation, you want to choose what finish you are interested in using. By way of example, if you are searching for thicker coverage, reach for a liquid or lotion formula that provides complete coverage. On the other hand, if you prefer a more natural appearance and feel, decide on a lightweight or weightless liquid foundation formula.

Steps for How To Apply Liquid Foundation.

First step: Apply Primer

Steps for How To Apply Liquid Foundation.
Steps for How To Apply Liquid Foundation.

This is an extremely important (Primer) step if you want your makeup to last long. I am sure that no one needs their cosmetics to burn in a few hours, thus do not skip this step. Focus on the area in which you think the makeup will wear off most or at which there are a lot of pores. The problem areas are normally the T-zone, areas around the nose, and under the eyes.

Second step: Apply Foundation

how to apply liquid foundation
how to apply liquid foundation

A liquid foundation whichever liquid base program method you resonated with above, do this during this period.

Methods For How To Apply Liquid Foundation.


If you want the light to medium coverage, use your fingers. But before getting started, be certain to clean your hands thoroughly to get rid of any bacteria and dirt. When together with your hands, pour a dime-size quantity of base onto the back of your hands. Next, evenly use the product all over your face. The best technique for using your hand is a pat and roll motion, using at least 2 fingers. This is a good method to be certain that the base doesn’t just sit on top.


 Use Brush

how to apply liquid foundation
 Use Brush-how to apply liquid foundation

There are a variety of ways of applying the base. I personally like having a brush as I believe that it gives me a more flawless finish. The sort of brush you need to use depends purely on the appearance you’re choosing. A flat base brush will provide you a complete coverage. However, if you’re searching for something a little more natural, you can use a buffing brush. Flat Brush The flat base brush is best for dry skin types! Additionally, it makes it effortless to operate in light layers.

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Beauty Blender

Steps for How To Apply Liquid Foundation.
Beauty Blender-how to apply liquid foundation

A beauty blender is comparatively new to the market when compared to products like brushes and sponges.

However new it may be, it has taken the world by storm and changed the makeup game for a lot of people out there.

I find that the beauty blender is a great alternative to a brush when you want your skin to look flawless.

Blot The Excess Foundation Using A Tissue

Steps for How To Apply Liquid Foundation.
Blot The Excess Foundation Using A Tissue-how to apply liquid foundation

Use a tissue to blot out any excess product. This prevents the product from creasing any further.

Pay special attention to the areas around the nose and eyes.Wait for some time after applying the foundation so that it sets in place before moving on to other products.

On the days that I follow these steps, my makeup looks perfect. Incorporate these into your makeup routine and I guarantee that it will make a lot of difference.

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