How To Apply Lipstick perfectly? | 3 Easy Steps!

How To Apply Lipstick perfectly?

How To Apply Lipstick perfectly? | 3 Easy Steps!

Lipsticks are some of the most versatile but highly complicated to select. Lipsticks are a gift from the makeup gods! We think they have magical properties and can often transform my mood from crappy to super happy!

We have realized that a lot of stick to lipstick shades that we feel work best for our skin tone. And What’s more, don’t generally explore different regarding from 10’s of shade alternatives accessible out there. If you’re just trying to figure out what works best for your skin tone or just find the courage to play around with more colors. Then these tips should help you! How To Apply Lipstick perfectly? | 3 Easy Steps!

The flaming pout (Lip Basics)

(Lip Basics)-How To Apply Lipstick perfectly? | 3 Easy Steps!

Your skin color doesn’t really matter When it comes to picking a lip shade! Most shadings look stunning in any case or how chocolatey or smooth you are.

How To find perfect color for your lips.

perfect color for your lips.-How To Apply Lipstick perfectly? | 3 Easy Steps!

The key is to identify your undertone. This is the color underneath your skin to find out what your undertone is, go out in the unstick your hand out, and look at your veins.

  • If you have blue-colored veins that means your undertone is cool Then shades of reds, pinks, and orange with a blue tinge in them will enhance your complexion.
  • If you have green-colored veins that means your undertone is warm So if your undertones are warm then shades of reds, pinks, and orange with a yellow tinge in them will suit your skin.
  • Whereas if you have blue or green veins that means you’re of a neutral undertone. If your undertones are neutral you’ve hit the jackpot! Everything works for you!
  • This means you can splash on shades of pinks, reds, even purples irrespective of the tint it has! Now that you’ve chosen the perfect color shade and it looks amazing swatched on your arm.


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The Cuvry Plump (Fuller lip tricks )

(Fuller lip tricks )-How To Apply Lipstick perfectly? | 3 Easy Steps!

Now let’s work on lips! It’s truly simple to apply lipstick and complete it yet you likewise use it to make your lips look more full or plumper or on the off chance that you wanna go Here’s how you can give the fuller, plumper lips!



Pat some concealer onto your lips, spreading it over your  lip line this will give you a larger area to outline your lips!

This is a crucial step in this process so don’t skip it! Apply a bright shade of lipstick, preferably a cream base or a lip gloss on the center of your lips. your way outward from the center to the corners of your lips.

Cream-based lipsticks or shines that have a sparkle in them will in general get light creation your sulk look more full and excessively hydrated!

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Lip pencil

Lip pencil-How To Apply Lipstick perfectly? | 3 Easy Steps!

Then just line your lips with a lip pencil and cover the extra area outside your lip line where you had initially applied the concealer.

So for those of you who want to magically reduce the size of their lips size of your lips and make them look proportional. Here’s what you can do!

Apply a concealer about 1mm from your lip line. Blend it well so it doesn’t look like you’ve done anything. I feel like using a concealer shade closest to my skin tone helps sell this effect!

How To Apply Lipstick

Now pick a darker lip color and start applying a little below your lip line. Use a brush to do this as it gives you a sharper, more defined edge.

Compact Powder

Now start filling in the outlined area. Once you’re done with that just pat the area around your lips with a compact powder.

You will see a visible reduction in the size of your lips! So there you go! Now you have all the information you need to select the right shade of lipstick for your skin tone! And a step by step guide to making your lips look thinner or fuller!


I hope this article are helpful and let me know in the comments below if you have any questions!

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