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How to apply eyeshadow perfectly? | 8 Easy steps to apply eyeshadow.

How to apply eyeshadow perfectly

The most expressive part of the face is your eyes, so as a staple in making every woman look more attractive is accentuating the eyes for more drama and flair. Eyeshadow is the perfect way to define your eyes and add some color to your look. Whether for day time wear or night time party, eyes shadow is very versatile.

From a wide range of colors to various application Styles, your eyeshadow can define your look and complement your attire. Every girl who enjoys using eye makeup should know how to apply eye shadow perfectly once you understand the basics, you can then modify and enhance your eyeshadow application depending on the style you want.

So are you ready to take your makeup skills to the next level?

1. Apply primer and concealer


Before placing any color on your lids, make sure your face and hands are clean. Apply a moisturizer and base all over your face, apply primer, and concealer onto your eye area. Primer makes the makeup pigment stick much better and longer, while the concealer helps hide any dark under-eye circles. Blend into your skin and let dry.

2. Choose eyeshadow type

Eyeshadows come in creams and the more popular powder form. Each has pros and cons, but for starters, it’s best to use powder, as it is more versatile and longer-lasting. There are also various eyeshadow types in terms of look and feel.

Some are shimmery others are matte,  in some have a metallic hue. Choose ones that suit the occasion and time of day.

Darker, metallic hues are best for night wear, while matte, slightly shimmery hues work for regular, daytime wear.

3. Have the right brushes at hand

Have the right brushes at hand-How to apply eyeshadow perfectly

Eyeshadow brushes come in handy, especially for easy application and smooth blending of shades. Having a basic flat brush for application to the eyelids is good, and having an additional dome brush for blending is even better.

Remember to keep your brushes clean and dry at all times. To clean brushes soak in warm water and mild soap rinse well and let dry.

4. Choose the right color combination

Choose the right color combination-How to apply eyeshadow perfectly

There are a lot of hues to choose from, and every makeup palette features suggested combinations. Choose colors easy to complement, such as shades of brown. You can also opt for more colorful options like purples, greens, and pinks as long as they are appropriate for the occasion.



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5. Apply the highlighter’s lightest shade.

Apply the highlighter lightest shade.- How to apply eyeshadow perfectly

 Get the lightest shade among the three you’ve picked. With your eye shadow brush, apply it on the crease of your eyelid starting from the inner edge until the middle. Then sweep some under your brow bone at the outer edge of your eye socket to highlight your brows.

6. Brush on the middle shade

Brush on the middle shade- How to apply eyeshadow perfectly

Use your brush to sweep it from the middle of your eyelid crease until the outer edge of your eye. Blend well, preferably with a soft dome brush, from its contact point with the lighter shade for a smooth color transition.

Be sure to evenly cover the remaining areas of the crease.

7. Contour with the darkest shade

How to apply eyeshadow perfectly

Apply carefully at the outer edge of your eyelids. Start up the outermost edge, then sweep inward and upward, creating a Half-moon shape. Then, slowly blend inward using a soft dome brush.

8. Add  eyeliner and mascara for definition

Add  eyeliner and mascara for definition- How to apply eyeshadow perfectly

Finally, you can further define your eyes. Apply eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible, starting at the middle, then moving outward. Then, fill in the inner parts  too. Apply mascara, look down and brush some over those pretty lashes.

Let dry and check out your pretty eye makeup in the mirror.  Now that you know how to apply eyeshadow perfectly. You will have your gorgeous eye makeup ready for your next party in no time at all.


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